zero to hero

Zero To Hero Boxing

Zero To Hero is a goal orientated fitness programme based in Bristol designed to provide Contenders with the opportunity of a lifetime – to become a HERO in the ring.

Utilising the vast experience of our two principle coaches; professional combat athletes Andy Cleeves and Jake O’Hagan alongside guest sessions from professional boxers and nutritionists our unique, one of a kind programme will transform your life in a matter of weeks.

Have you ever witnessed a professional bout or martial arts film and wondered what it feels like to go toe-to-toe?

Imagine the thrill of walking out in front of your family and friends, taking centre stage in front of over 2000 people and winning your fight!

In just 10 weeks all of this could be yours.

Step into the ring with an evenly matched ‘White Collar’ opponent, earn a lifetime’s worth of pride and be the Hero of your own life story – only with Zero To Hero.

To find out more information please visit the Zero To Hero website


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